Hi Neighbors! I’m Amy of Momma’s Green Thumb. This business is inspired by my passion and joy for gardening and flower gardens. I’m a wife, mom of three little sprouts and an avid gardener. I take joy and pride in the work and dedication of building beautiful landscapes and flower beds. With a skill and eye for design, color and planning I build beautiful spaces filled with variety in annuals, perennials and shrubbery. 

Momma’s Green Thumb works hard to provide flower varieties that are specifically chosen to withstand each season. Porch pots are prepared with an eye for detail, color, design, with varying heights, plant styles and choices that are planted to flourish each season. When choosing to beautify your home all year long with a Porch Pot Subscription, Momma’s Green Thumb will deliver your new porch pot while swapping out the previous seasons. Your home’s curb appeal is automatically refreshed to change with the seasons all without you as the client having to do a thing.

Our services take the thought and effort out of having a vibrant, welcoming and eye-catching entryway or patio. Welcome yourself and your guests to your home in style!

Headshot Amy